Katie Ellen Fluck Meyers most probably on her wedding (approximately age 16)



This is one of those photos that everyone is the family knows about. I heard about the photo of Katie with a goat on her back and my cousin just sent it. Since Katie raised goats, I guess she really liked getting up close and personal with them!


Katie feeding goat


Edwin H. Meyers

Union Cemetery
Quakertown, Bucks County, PA

Katie Ellen Fluck and Edwin H. Meyers

Oct 1877 – 1945 (est)

Married: 1893


Katie was only 16 years old when she married 19-year-old Edwin H Meyers of Bedminster.

Their life together must have been very difficult because Edwin died in 1907 at the young age of 33 and Katie was about 30. In the 1900 census Edwin was listed as 26 years old with no occupation, which is very rare. Family lore is that Edwin was injured in a foundry accident, which led to his blindness, which meant he probably could not work in 1900. Since the accident happened at a young age, it meant that Katie bore the job of supporting the family (apparently for most of her life).

I am going to try to get his death certificate for verification, but it is possible he died from complications of that accident although heart failure is the leading cause of death in males at a young age in our family.

Their daughters, Naomi (Fox) and Miriam (Pickering), were only 13 and 11 years old when their father, Edwin, died.

The daughters of Naomi (Anne) and Miriam (Virginia), remember that Katie lived out in the country in New Jersey and kept goats and chickens and sold milk and eggs to support the family financially. She kept a vegetable garden and canned fruit and vegetables. Virginia (Sis) remembers her grandmother’s cellar full of canned goods. It’s also possible that she raised bulldogs – Anne thinks she raised the dogs for sale?

Miriam and Naomi were unfortunately forced to quit school early to help support the family. At ages 17 and 15 they were working as a telephone operator and waitress in Quakertown, PA.

Anne and Virginia also remember riding out the PRC (Philadelphia’s public transportation) to visit with Katie – she was a cashier for the PRC and they visited with her during her work hours. (see 1930 census for occupation below)

Before 1920, Katie remarried to Edwin Parker and was living in Philadelphia, and by 1930 they were living in Runnemede, New Jersey. I have not located her death certificate or burial place yet, so stay tuned!


1880 Census – Franconcia, Montgomery Co., PA

Abraham Souder … Head, Age 62, b: 1818, Occ: Tailor
Leah …  Wife, Age 62, Keeping House
Katie Fluck  …  Grandchild, Age 3, b. abt 1877


1900 Census – Quakertown, Bucks Co, PA

Edwin Meyers … Head, Age 26, b: Mar 14 1874, PA, Occ: not listed
Married: 1893
Katie … Wife, Age 25, b. Oct 1875 (1877)
Naomi … Dau, Age 6, b. Feb 1894
Miriam  … Dau, Age 4, b. 1895


1907 Burial – Edwin H. Meyers

Birth: 1874 / Death: 1907, age 33
Burial: Quakertown Union Cemetery
Quakertown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA


1910 Census – Philadelphia, Ward 20, PA

Kate Myers … Head      Widow, age 33, Occ: Book Binder, Bindery
Naomi … Dau, age 17, Occ: Telephone Operator
Miriam … Dau , age 15 , Occ: Waitress, Restaurant


1920 Census – Philadelphia, Ward 43, PA

Edwin Parker … Head, age 41, Occ: Driver Tea Wagon
Catherine … Wife , age 42, Occ: None


1930 Census – Runnemede, Camden, NJ (Katie Ellen Fluck)

Edwin A Parker … Head, age 52, b. 1878  married 41, b. NJ, Occ: Receiver Department Store
Catherine E. … Wife, age 53, b. 1877  married 42, b. PA , Occ: Cashier Railway