Souder   |   Fluck   |   Meyers  |  Fox  |  Pickering

of Montgomery and Bucks Counties, Pennsylvania

With generous contributions from cousin Claire B. W. Miller and other family members and genealogy researchers.

My Franconia Ancestors

This is the story of my ancestors from the pioneer families of Souder, Benner, Hunsberger, Fillman, Meyers and Fluck of Franconia Twp, Montgomery and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. My research over 40-plus years has uncovered some genealogies of our ancestors going back 15 generations to the Rosenbergers around 1616. I have added my own research to this story along with photos that I took on my pilgrimage to back to Bucks County, PA (where I lived for most of my life) in 2004. The addition of photos generously provided by Fox family members was such an unexpected bonus.

Katie Ellen Fluck and Edwin H Meyers

My search for my Great Grandmother, Katie Ellen Fluck has been a passion of mine for over 40 years (as my family will tell you). I am compelled to tell the stories of our ancestors in order to inspire younger family members and inform them of their very rich heritage. My hope is that they enjoy the process of learning about themselves through the histories of their parents, grandparents, and the generations that came before them. So, in order to make sure that no individual story gets lost I made finding Katie Ellen my “mission”. [READ MORE]